Triangle Secret EMT7 (Image Credit: Triangle)
Triangle Secret EMT7 (Image Credit: Triangle)

Easy Installation

Triangle Secret EMT7 In-Ceiling Speakers

With the EMT7 Triangle expands the "Secret" installation series to include a coaxial loudspeaker with "Easy Mounting" technology.

The special "Easy Mounting" technology makes it possible to fix the EMT7 without tools by simply rotating it. It is suitable for drywalls with a thickness between 12 and 25 mm. The tweeter of the 2-way coaxial loudspeakers can be adjusted and directed to the preferred listening position. The level of the low and high frequencies can be adjusted in 3 steps each. The magnetic cover is very flat to be as unobtrusive as possible and can also be painted over.

The EMT7 which is, for example, perfectly suited for home cinema applications with Dolby Atmos, is now available with either a black or white cover and costs around 180 Euro* per piece.

*Price for Germany

Bilder Triangle Secret EMT7

Triangle Secret EMT7
6 Bilder
Triangle Secret EMT7 Installation
Triangle Secret EMT7 Cover
Triangle Secret EMT7 side view installed
Triangle Secret EMT7 Front
Triangle Secret EMT7 rear

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