Wharfedale Diamond 12 (Image Credit: Wharfedale)
Wharfedale Diamond 12 (Image Credit: Wharfedale)

In Collaboration with Karl-Heinz Fink

Wharfedale unveils new Diamond 12 Series of Loudpseakers

The long-established British manufacturer Wharfedale brings a new and fundamentally revised version of its "Diamond" speaker series, which were developed in close collaboration with the renowned loudspeaker designer Karl-Heinz Fink.

This latest incarnation of the "Diamond" series, which was started in 1982, includes six models for different listening environments and surround setups. In developing the new Diamond 12 series, Wharfedale collaborated with the renowned German loudspeaker designer Karl-Heinz Fink for the first time.

The use of modern computer-aided simulation methods enabled the optimization of the drivers and all of their parts. Concerning the magnets, for example, an aluminum ring now ensures more even distribution of the magnetic field, which is supposed to lead to greater impulse accuracy. The carrier of the voice coil is no longer made of aluminum, but of a high-strength Epoxy / fiberglass alloy, intended to prevent undesirable turbulences caused by magnetic induction. The membrane material is based on polypropylene, which was already used in the famous BBC loudspeakers of the 1970s. Wharfedale, for the first time, combined this material with mica minerals in the drivers of the Diamond series. The resulting Klarity™ cones are supposed to be of extremely low weight and improved stiffness, aiming for high speed with the least amount of coloration.

The 25-millimeter tweeter dome is made of woven polyester film covered with a high-gloss coating for open reproduction of even the highest frequencies. The straight and flat surface of the driver enclosure has only a small duct. This arrangement is intended to effectively optimize the acoustic performance while maintaining coloration-free reproduction over a very wide dispersion angle.

So-called Linkwitz-Riley filters with a steepness of 24 dB per octave are used in the crossovers of Wharfedale's Diamond 12 loudspeakers. The circuits are implemented with air core inductors, which are said to have significantly a lower distortion than the steel or ferrite core models commonly used.

Once again, modern computer simulations were used in developing the cabinets of Wharfedale's Diamond 12 Series. With this, the manufacturer aims to reliably predict the vibration behavior of different materials and cabinet bracing concepts without having to create many prototypes.

The volume of the bass reflex enclosures was precisely matched to the acoustic properties of the drivers, and even the adhesive of the multi-layer enclosure material was selected considering optimum vibration characteristics.

The Diamond 12 Series speakers are available now (in Germany) in black, white, light oak or walnut.

Prices, incl. 16% Taxes, for Germany:

  • Diamond 12.0: 249,00 Euros (Pair Price)
  • Diamond 12.1: 319,00 Euros (Pair Price)
  • Diamond 12.2: 379,00 Euros (Pair Price)
  • Diamond 12.3: 649,00 Euros (Pair Price)
  • Diamond 12.4: 899,00 Euros (Pair Price)
  • Diamond 12.C: 299,00 Euros (Unit Price)

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Wharfedale Diamond 12

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