Wharfedale Elysian 1 and Center on their optional stands (Image Credit: Wharfedale)
Wharfedale Elysian 1 and Center on their optional stands (Image Credit: Wharfedale)

Center and Standmount Speaker

Wharfedale Expands Elysian Series

A compact two-way bass reflex speaker and a three-way center speaker join the ranks of the top series from British manufacturer Wharfedale.

Up until now, the Elysian series consisted of the floorstander Elysian 4 and the more compact speaker Elysian 2, which could be seen as a middle ground between shelf and floorstanding speaker with a height of 70 cm. With the Elysian 1, a 50 cm high standmount speaker is now being added. It is equipped with a 17 cm woofer sporting a membrane made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic and an air-motion transformer for the high frequency range, which Wharfedale manufactures itself. The same tweeter is also found in the other Elysian models, including the new "Elysian Center". Its transducers for the bass and midrange have diameters of 22 and 15 cm, respectively.

The rounded enclosures with no parallel walls are particularly elaborate. To avoid flow noise, Wharfedale does not employ the classic rear bass reflex port and compensates the pressure via the bottom of the cabinet, which also makes the speakers largely uncritical in terms of placement. The center also works with the same bass reflex design. Thanks to the three-way configuration, it is a full-range speaker that is supposed to be able to reproduce frequencies down to 27 Hertz. All Elysian models are available with four-layer piano lacquer in high-gloss white, black or walnut.

The Elysian 1 is priced at 3700 euros* per pair, and the Center at around 4000 euros* per speaker. Matching stands with adjustable spikes and four stainless steel columns are offered by Wharfedale for 600 euros* per pair (Elysian 1) and 700 euros* per piece (center).

*Prices for Germany.

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