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Fyne Audio F1-10 Review

A Fyne Pleasure – After Tannoy's change of ownership, the manufacturer Fyne Audio sees itself in an obligation to continue Scottish tradition – as for example with the Fyne Audio F1-10 floorstanding speaker.

| Tom Frantzen

Sometimes it strikes even experienced hi-fi journalists: "Love" at first sight. After freeing the first Fyne Audio F1-10 from its flight case with due respect for the beautifully polished walnut finish, it certainly hit me with the intensity of a lightning bolt. And it didn't get any "better" either, when I first set up the impressive – each speaker weighs about 72 kilograms – speakers for a four-day break-in session in the small listening room and then finally, meticulously adjusted, in the reference chain of our large STEREO listening room.

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Now, everything was just right and handling as well as hearing the Fyne Audios was an absolute pleasure! Thus, the title for this test was clear to me rather quickly. But let's not start at the end. Instead, even if it is difficult, we will try to present this Scottish highlight to you as neutral as possible.

Change of Signs

The creators of the Fyne Audio F1, which comes in two model versions with 25 and 30 mm multifibre coaxial drivers – we're dealing with the former, slightly smaller F1-10 model here – are anything but unknown in the world of hi-fi.

Not for us, after we have already had the pleasure of taking a closer look at the F702 a few months ago, but not for you, dear readers, either since the creators of the F1 had previously been responsible, from drawing board to production and distribution, for countless loudspeaker creations of the traditional brand Tannoy.  

They have contributed their decades of experience and know-how as the greatest and most important capital for the foundation of Fyne Audio – trust naturally came with it. What this team around head of development Dr. Paul Mills has achieved in a few months really is quite impressive!

The Model F10 is just exquisitely crafted. Even under our most critical view we could not find the smallest fault.

The fact that we can not attest this loudspeakers outstandingly deep low-end is due to the reference value of one kilohertz. If the frequency response measures just a trace above average at this point, the level at the lower cut-off frequency (- 3 dB) is relative to this lower by the same amount and we therefore specify 60 Hertz instead of 40 or even 30 Hertz. In fact, the Fyne does appear precise and contoured, perhaps a bit slim rather than particularly voluminous, but it is capable of enormous authority and does sound like a big speaker. Be it "Hotel California", Eric Clapton, Yello or even a baroque church organ, we have fed it with levels that manoeuvre it into an almost unfair competitive advantage simply because of its  high efficiency (91 dB) and sovereign dynamics. Where the F1-10 barely shrugs its shoulders, others have long since reached the end of their capabilities, sounding breathless and compressing. Not many loudspeakers can render Jim Keltner with such explosivity and yet perfect control.

On top of that, the Fyne also masters quiet tones, the challenge of fine dynamics and detail work, with no effort at all. The coaxial 25-centimetre woofer with an internally mounted, neodymium-driven 75 mm titanium tweeter delivers focus and pinpoint accuracy, staggering spatial depth and timing as well as an almost unbelievable precision of detail – everything near completely independent of level. The Scot effortlessly projects Norah Jones into the room so that you can almost see her sitting in front of you at the piano surrounded by her musicians. In doing so, the Fyne works out the facets of voices and instruments in an extremely credible way, without ever detaching them from the holistic sound body and musical context.

In some regards, this speaker definitely moves in the absolute top class, as we have rarely heard such a performance of plasticity and lively energy. The two setup knobs allow fine tuning in the high frequency range (Energy, 750-26.000 Hz +/- 3 dB) and in the presence to brilliance range (Presence, 2,5-5 kHz +/- 3 dB). The second order crossover (12 dB/octave), which is separated at around 750 Hz and treated for low temperatures, has been carefully designed and fitted with high-quality components. In addition to the walnut version, which is subject to an additional charge, the elegant and living-room friendly Fyne is also available in piano lacquer black or white.

Do yourself a favour and listen to this or the next larger Fyne speakers by chance. It can certainly meet even high musical expectations! This is is not something you'll see or hear everyday and it was indeed a "Fyne Pleasure" for us to review the F1-10.


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