Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode (Image Credit: Wilson Audio)
Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode (Image Credit: Wilson Audio)

For Further Improved Resonance Damping

"Acoustic Diode™" Upgrade Kit from Wilson Audio

The improved spikes introduced with the new Alexx V – called "Acoustic Diode™" – are now available as an upgrade set for other Wilson Audio models.

Wilson Audio's research and development team has invested a great deal of time in gaining new knowledge in the area of vibration and resonance damping, resulting in more effective products. The most recent result is the Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode™ introduced with the Alexx V. These highly efficient "spikes" were initially only available with the purchase of the Alexx V.

Now, Wilson users can upgrade their existing speaker spike assembly to the new Acoustic Diode™ system.

Current thread sizes available: 1/2"-13 (all current Wilson Audio speakers) and 3/8"-16 (most older Wilson Audio speakers). Additional thread size options for a variety of speaker brands are scheduled to follow.

In Germany, the Acoustic Diode™ upgrade kit (set of 8) is available now for a price of €3,500.


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