Wilson Audio Alexx V (Image Credit: Wilson Audio)
Wilson Audio Alexx V (Image Credit: Wilson Audio)

Starting at 158,000 Euros per Pair

Wilson turns the "Alexx" into the new "Alexx V"

Following the launches of the WAMM Master Chronosonic®, Chronosonic XVX®, Sasha DAW® and the SabrinaX®, the revised Alexx V® now joins the new loudspeaker family of Wilson Audio.

Comparing the overall size of the Alexx V with the original, the Alexx V is only about 2.5 cm bigger in depth and height, while the width has remained the same. Nevertheless, every single component of the Alexx V is said to have been re-evaluated and significantly improved. In addition, the Alexx V is now imbued with Wilson Audio's latest design language, which was introduced with the WAMM Master Chronosonic. The open gantry design is supposed to provide not only more structural rigidity and placement flexibility, but also a freer, more organic look and an emotionally expressive sound. Every baffle angle at every module position was refined in upgrading the Alexx. As a result, the time alignment accuracy of the Alexx V is said to be much closer to that of the XVX.

The 5.75" mid-bass driver used in the original Alexx, TuneTot® and SabrinaX (reviewed by us here) has been carried over into the Alexx V. The second midrange driver is a 7" Alnico (aluminum, nickel, cobalt) QuadraMag® driver originally developed for the Chronosonic XVX. The QuadraMag driver combines four separate magnets arranged in an innovative quadrature geometry. Behind the midrange drivers, internal wave diffusers have been milled directly into the material to further aid the drivers' resolving power and significantly reduce the system's settling time.

The Alexx V also features an all-new Convergent Synergy® Carbon (CSC) tweeter, built on a modified version of the previous Convergent Synergy motor and incorporating a newly designed, intricate and innovative rear wall chamber. This carbon fiber design is manufactured entirely in-house using multiple 3D printers.

The 10.5" and 12.5" woofers were originally developed by Wilson Audio together with the WAMM Master Chronosonic. Careful optimization of the Alexx V housing has increased the internal volume by 16%, compared to the original Alexx. As a result, the Alexx V features nearly the same internal volume in the woofer as the Chronosonic XVX, which aims to allow for deeper bass reproduction, faster transient response, and overall higher bass resolution.

Other changes setting it apart from the first Alexx include the use of the new AudioCapX®-WA capacitors, a new and improved spike system, the new binding posts from the Sasha DAW (reviewed by us here), improved cable management, as well as a redesign and optimization of the crossover.

The Alexx V is available at authorized retailers now*.
Prices* (per pair, incl. taxes):
Standard Color: €158,000
Upgrade Color: €162,000

*Availability and Prices for Germany.

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