The Flagship "D-TC3 SUPREME" of the new "Power Distributor" series "Mainz8" from Ansuz (Image Credit: Ansuz)
The Flagship "D-TC3 SUPREME" of the new "Power Distributor" series "Mainz8" from Ansuz (Image Credit: Ansuz)

Flagship for €/$ 42,000

Ansuz Introduces New Generation of High-End Power Distributor Series "Mainz8"

The third generation of Ansuz's exclusive "Mainz8" power distributor series is said to promise optimal delivery of electricity thanks to many of Ansuz's proprietary technologies.

Ansuz's "Mainz8" power distributors are designed not only to distribute electricity, but also to filter it and reduce noise, so that a positive effect on music playback can be achieved. Like many products from Ansuz – or the related brands Aavik and Børresen – the "Mainz8" carry various special proprietary technologies for this purpose. These include "analog dither" technology derived from radar technology, which is supposed to reduce noise and can also be found in the recently introduced Aavik flagship "880" amplifiers, as well as other products.

Similarly, Ansuz uses its "Tesla" coils in the power distributors, each of which consists of two coils wound together, with one having the goal of eliminating noise from the other. Which type and how many of these coils are used depends on the respective device. In addition, there are active "Anti-Aerial Resonance Tesla" coils, equipped with a rod made of zirconium, which is supposed to enable extraordinary resonance control and thus, among other things, natural and precise music playback. Ansuz furthermore promises a special design in terms of grounding, where the ground of all power outputs refers to a specific point, which is supposed to provide the best grounding impedance.

The housing of the Power Distributors is also said to be optimized, and thus made of a special composite material, which is said to offer less distortion than other materials, such as aluminum. The units also use the decouplers from Ansuz's "Darkz" product line for resonance control. The flagship of the power supply series, "D-TC3 SUPREME," also features a special bottom plate with a sandwich construction that is said to further reduce vibrations.

Ansuz lists the following prices (MSRP) for the new "Mainz8" high-end power distributors:

  • X3: €/$ 1,200
  • X-TC3: €/$ 1,800
  • A3: €/$ 3,700
  • C3: €/$ 5,500
  • D3: €/$ 8,500
  • D-TC3: €/$ 24,000
  • D-TC3 SUPREME: €/$ 42,000

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