The new Darkz Z2S from Ansuz (Image Credit: Ansuz)
The new Darkz Z2S from Ansuz (Image Credit: Ansuz)

Darkz S2T and Signature Z2S

New "Darkz" Decoupling Feet from Ansuz

Ansuz Acoustics is introducing two new "Resonance Control" dampers from their "Darkz" series – including the new flagship Signature Z2S.

The most important aspect of the new Z2S resonance control is said to be the use of the material zirconium, which is supposed to better aid in absorbing vibrations. The Z2S consist of a total of three zirconium discs. The top two discs are also supported by three tungsten balls each, which are supposed to further improve the reducing of vibrations. The outside of the absorbers has also been treated with a special coating consisting of zirconium, tungsten and titanium, followed by a layer of titanium nitride and another layer of zirconium.

The also new but smaller Darkz S2T absorbers mainly use stainless steel; the supporting balls in these are made of titanium instead of tungsten, and no premium coating is applied to them. Nevertheless, they are said to also offer important benefits of the Z2S in terms of resonance control.

In Germany, the S2T are said to cost €640, while the new flagship Signature Z2S comes with a price tag of €3340.

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The new Darkz Z2S from Ansuz
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The new Darkz S2T from Ansuz

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