iPhone 12 und HomePod mini (Image Credit: Apple)
iPhone 12 und HomePod mini (Image Credit: Apple)

New iPhones and „HomePod mini“

Apple: smart speaker for 96,50 Euro

Environmentally friendly broadband loudspeaker – soon also usable with Amazon Music.

Every autumn Apple presents its innovations around iPhone & Co. The new iPhone 12 will be available in four versions: as "mini", as "Pro", "Pro max" and simply as "iPhone". All versions have the new mobile phone standard 5G on board, offer improved displays, cameras, etc. Apple is sticking with the Lightning interface. Prices start at just under 780 euros.

Also new is the smaller brother of the Smartspeaker "HomePod". It is spherical with a diameter of around 10 cm, equipped with a broadband chassis and two passive membranes and costs just under 100 Euros. Like its big brother, the sound of the HomePod mini automatically adapts to its location. Two units can be grouped together to form a stereo pair, and the new smart speakers are also suitable for multi-room use. Surprisingly, in the future the HomePod mini will not only be able to access the in-house streaming service Apple Music by voice command, but also Amazon Music.

Apple emphasizes that the rare-earths in the new speaker, including the neodymium magnet, are made almost entirely of recycled material. In Germany, the HomePod mini should be available in November.

The HomePod mini is equipped with a broadband chassis and two passive drivers
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The HomePod mini in white and space grey with touch control panel

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