Naim Solstice Special Edition (Image Credit: Naim)
Naim Solstice Special Edition (Image Credit: Naim)

All-In-One Package

Naim introduces first Turntable: Solstice Special Edition

Naim Audio are launching their first turntable, together with the next generation Aro tonearm, together as part of the package "Solstice Special Edition" – limited to 500 units worldwide!

The "Solstice" is the first turntable in the history of Naim Audio, spanning nearly 50 years. It comes in a bundle with the next generation version of Naim's iconic "Aro" tonearm, an "Equinox" MC cartridge, a "Solstice" series phono stage, a power supply and a fitting set of accessories. Naim will only produce 500 units of this Solstice Special Edition package.

The Naim Solstice Special Edition includes:
- Naim Solstice NVS TT turntable – this device combines key Naim design philosophies such as multi-stage mechanical decoupling with high quality materials. The Solstice features a magnetic bearing that supports a high-mass and highly polished aluminum platter, driven by a self-calibrating motor system.
- Naim Aro tonearm – in basic principles concerning design, the new Aro tonearm clearly draws on the original; but uses improved materials such as tungsten and carbon fiber, as well as all-new, no-compromise adjustments for preload, arm height and azimuth.
- Naim Equinox MC cartridge – This is equipped with a microline diamond to correctly scan precise high-frequency information, and a boron cantilever, which has a stiff but lightweight design intended to faithfully transmit the needle's movements to the coil.
- Naim Solstice Series Phono Stage NVC TT – the first Naim phono stage to incorporate the "DR" technology, which was first used in the flagship amplifier "Statement". It has an advanced ultra-low noise Class A design with dedicated MC and MM headphone amplifiers.
- Naim Solstice Series Power Supply NPX TT – supplies power to both the turntable and the phono stage. The two PSUs are fully isolated from each other, so that there should be little interference. Naim's DR technology is also used here.
- Solstice accessory kit – including digital cartridge scale, level, hex wrench (x3), vinyl adjustment tool, dust cover and cleaning cloth.
- Naim Records True Stereo Album – a curated collection of high quality true stereo recordings remastered for vinyl by Ken Christiansen, the original engineer.
- Solstice Special Edition book – featuring insights into history, technology and design.

The Solstice Special Edition aims to combine modern, living room friendly design with the classic Naim look. The turntable is intended to deliver high quality sound without the complicated processes often associated with high performance turntables. Instead, it is supposed to be easy to set up and operate.

The base is made from 47 layers of wood and the cartridge is housed in a solid aluminum enclosure milled from a single piece.

The Solstice series' NVC TT phono stage and NPX TT PSU are hand-built in Salisbury, while the NVS TT turntable, Aro tonearm and Equinox cartridge are manufactured by Clearaudio to Naim's exact specifications. Like Naim, Clearaudio has more than 40 years of experience in premium audio, including numerous patents for its turntable designs. Naim has worked closely with the German specialist for more than two years on the Solstice Special Edition.

The Naim Audio Solstice Special Edition will be available for pre-order from selected dealers worldwide from the end of July at an MSRP of around €17,000*.

*Price for Germany.


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