Dual CS 600 mkII (Image Credit: Dual)
Dual CS 600 mkII (Image Credit: Dual)

Redesigned Aluminum Platter

New Top-of-the-Range: Dual CS 600 MKII

Dual's flagship model CS 600 has received an upgrade and was relaunched as the new MKII version.

The biggest change in comparison to the predecessor is the platter, which now weighs 2.1 kilogram and is milled from solid aluminum. This is intended to make the turntable run more smoothly and also minimise external interference. The turntable is additionally damped from below, which should also minimize the natural resonance. It is driven by a flat belt, which brings the turntable to 33 1/3, 45 or 78 revolutions per minute.

The CS 600 MK II is equipped with a height-adjustable tonearm, which was developed especially for the CS 600. The cardan bearing is designed to make the turntable as uncritical as possible in its setup. The torsion-resistant tonearm head is made of carbon fiber. The tracking force is adjusted without weights by a high-precision torsion spring. The antiskating is adjustable.

The chassis consists of a heavy MDF frame (available in textured black or high-gloss black). As with the predecessor, a proven brass alloy was used for the platter bearing, in which the 10mm thick platter axle should slide almost frictionlessly.

The manual turntable is driven by a DC motor with electronic speed regulation.

The new Dual CS600 MKII is now available in textured black, a high gloss version will follow in the next weeks. It will be delivered without pickup and is expected to cost around 1,400 Euro*.

*Price for Germany

Dual CS 600 mkII with dust cover
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Dual CS 600 mkII Connections
Dual CS 600 mkII

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