The new Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina in black and white (Image Credit: Cabasse)
The new Cabasse The Pearl Pelegrina in black and white (Image Credit: Cabasse)

Limited to 70 Pairs

Exclusive Active Speakers from Cabasse: The Pearl Pelegrina

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, French manufacturer Cabasse unveils the new flagship from its line of smart and active "pearl" speakers: the extremely limited The Pearl Pelegrina.

At the heart of the new speakers is the tri-coaxial TCA driver, also found in Cabasse's La Sphère and Baltic V speakers, which combines woofer, midrange and tweeter into one driver. A built-in 30-cm subwoofer with Cabasse's HELD technology is added to that. Thanks to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DAC and active technology, the Pearl Pelegrina can be used as a complete streaming system; additional digital and analog inputs are also available.

The Pearl Pelegrina additionally offers DSPs and room correction – which works via a built-in microphone – to further optimize the music signal. The wireless speakers are also multi-room capable via the StreamCONTROL app, and can be controlled with the included Bluetooth remote.

The Cabasse Pelegrina are limited to 70 pieces and are said to cost €25,000 (MSRP for Germany including stand). Each model also features a numbered aluminum plaque.


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