Nagra Reference Anniversary (Image Credit: Nagra)
Nagra Reference Anniversary (Image Credit: Nagra)

The new Reference Anniversary!

Nagra Celebrates 70th birthday with Limited Mega-Turntable

The new Reference Anniversary turntable by Nagra is the result of an extensive research and development project that lasted years and was kept secret until last summer.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Nagra I, the company has developed a product with the aim to set new standards in vinyl record playback. After four years of development, the new Reference Anniversary turntable now arrives.

Only 70 units of it will be available, each of which will be set up and fine-tuned in the customer's home by a Nagra specialist. In addition, each person who purchases it receives an invitation for a VIP tour of the Nagra factory as well as exclusive accessories.

Some of the most important features of the Nagra Reference Anniversary turntable are:

  • Large and precise dual motor drive system.
  • A belt drive inspired by the legendary Nagra IV series of "reel-to-reels"
  • Exclusive turntable made of aerospace material
  • Resonance-free chassis
  • Floating mechanical and hydraulic suspension
  • Transparent methacrylate surface revealing how the drive system works
  • Platter weight made of pure copper
  • Double concentric tonearm made of carbon fiber
  • Uni-pivot tonearm with unique geometric bearing shape
  • Unique non-contact magnetic anti-skating function
  • VTA adjustable "on the fly"
  • Custom silver monocrystal tonearm wiring
  • Full chassis power supply, as found in the HD series
  • Personalized nameplate with engraved number within the 70 number sequence

The Nagra Reference Anniversary has a weight of around 80 kilograms, and will be offered at an MSRP of around $175,000.

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Nagra Reference Anniversary Caliber
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