Grado SR80x (Image Credit: Grado Labs)
Grado SR80x (Image Credit: Grado Labs)

With Completely New Drivers

Grado turns "Prestige" Models into Improved "X" Series

The headphone specialist Grado from Brooklyn, New York, announced the launch of the new "Prestige X" series. They feature completely new drivers, more efficient and weight-optimized voice coils as well as optimized membranes. With these, the family-owned company wants to elevate its well-known "Prestige" series to an even higher level.

The newest entries into the "Prestige" series, first introduced over 30 years ago, aim to also provide additional comfort. A lightweight, textile-covered cable and a revised headband that promises comfortable long-term listening with its solid padding aim to achieve that. In keeping with the company's long-standing design philosophy, John Grado retains the classic, unchanged look in its five new SR60x, SR80x, SR125x, SR225x and SR325x headphones. Grado again sets the impedance, which is important for mobile uses, at 32 ohms.

In Germany, the new models are available now at the following prices:
SR 60x: around 130 Euros
SR 80x: around 150 Euros
SR 125x: around 200 Euros
SR 225x: around 300 Euros
SR 325x: around 400 Euros


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