Yamaha YH-L700A (Image Credit: Yamaha)
Yamaha YH-L700A (Image Credit: Yamaha)

With Listening Care System

Yamaha Presents New Over- and In-Ear Headphones YH-L700A and TW-E3B

With the YH-L700A, Yamaha launches the new flagship of their current generation of Bluetooth noise-cancelling headphones. Various innovative technologies are intended to ensure a high degree of musical enjoyment, even for long term listening. The new TW-E3B in-ears also represent the latest generation of Yamaha's True Wireless series.

Yamaha YH-L700A – Flagship Over-Ear with Noise Cancelling

Yamaha's new top-of-the-line wireless ANC headphones use "3D Sound Field" technology, which is based on Yamaha's "Cinema DSP Processing". The YH-L700A's proprietary HRTF (head-related transfer function) technology generates binaural sound fields from the two-channel sound and is intended to provide a freer sound image that is completely detached from your head.

The YH-L700A also constantly self-optimizes its own performance. It is equipped with internal microphones that constantly measure the ear canal and the respective listening situation. At the same time, the "Listening Optimizer" analyzes how tight it is towards the ear as well as the air pressure inside the earpiece. Every twenty seconds, the electronics check the measurement results and optimize playback.

The YH-L700A also employs a new noise-cancellation technology with the Advanced Active Noise Cancelling system. It not only analyzes external noise, but also the playback and the measurement results of the Listening Optimizer – thus aiming to enable the greatest possible efficiency while keeping the influence on the signal at a minimum.

Since headphones are sitting directly against the ear, they can damage hearing if used excessively. Yamaha has taken this into account with the YH-L700A and implemented what they call a "Listening Care System" that is supposed to protect from excessive levels without changing the overall volume by analyzing the music.

The 40-millimeter driver is said to provide a transmission range of 8 Hz to 40 kHz. In addition to high-resolution sound formats, the YH-L700A also works with aptX Adaptive, Bluetooth 5.0, SBC and AAC. The YH-L700A supports voice control via Siri and Google Assistant, and can be remotely controlled and fine-tuned via the Yamaha Headphones Controller app. The battery life is said to be up to 34 hours.

In Germany, the Yamaha YH-L700A Bluetooth ANC headphones will be available from select retailers starting in August for around 550 euros.

Yamaha TW-E3B – True Wireless In-Ears now even more compact

Yamaha also presented the new edition of the "TW" True Wireless Earbuds, named TW-E3B. Compared to the previous model, Yamaha was able to reduce the housing volume by 25 percent and thus make the in-ears even more compact. The new design aims to ensure a tighter and more comfortable fit, especially for smaller ears. The latest generation of Yamaha's wireless in-ears is also available in new colors. In Germany, the MSRP is set at around 100 euros.

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