Gryphon Vanta (Image Credit: Gryphon)
Gryphon Vanta (Image Credit: Gryphon)

New Series

Gryphon Flagship Cables "Vanta"

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, Gryphon is launching the new flagship "Vanta" models – as power, XLR, speaker and digital cables.

The Vanta series uses exclusive materials, such as the unique silver-gold alloy for each individual conductor, which are tightly packed in a tube of PTFE insulation. They are surrounded by a braided shield of silver-plated copper wires to ensure the best possible insulation and transmission of the sensitive signal. On the outside, everything is encased in a shiny black polyurethane jacket.

All Vanta cables are assembled with carefully selected connectors from some of the world's leading manufacturers such as Oyaide and Neutrik. The connectors are soldered to the silver-gold conductors under a microscope to ensure that all connections make perfect contact.

In terms of sound, Gryphon relies on neutrality, purity and accuracy. The cables should not distort the sound of the system in any way.

The new Vanta family consists of a power cable with 1.5 to 4 meters in length from about 3,800 Euros, an XLR cable with 1 to 5 meters in length from about 4,800 Euros per pair, a loudspeaker cable with 2 to 5 meters in length and optionally with spades or banana plugs at prices from about 11,800 Euros per pair, as well as digital cables in BNC and XLR with lengths of 1 to 5 meters and prices from about 2,900 Euros. (All prices are excluding VAT)


Gryphon Vanta-Kabel connected
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Gryphon Vanta Power Cable
Gryphon Vanta Speaker Cable
Gryphon Vanta Speaker Cable with Spades

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