(Picture: McIntosh)
(Picture: McIntosh)

Preamp with new DAC

McIntosh C2700

This autumn McIntosh is launching the new C2700 tube preamplifier with the new DA2 DAC module.

Compared to the predecessor module DA1, there is now an additional HDMI ARC port on board that accepts sound from the TV including multi-channel formats from Dolby and dts, which the C2700 then mixes to 2 channels. If the TV supports HDMI transmission of control signals (CEC), it can even be switched on and off using the McIntosh remote control. The new DAC module now accepts DSD signals up to 22.3 MHz via USB thanks to the new DAC chip. Two optical and two coaxial S/PDIF inputs each accept PCM signals up to 24 bits and 192 kHz. McIntosh CD/SACD drives can be connected via the proprietary MCT port. On the analog side there are no less than 9 inputs: 3 pairs of XLR, 4 pairs of Cinch and one pair each for Phono MM and Phono MC. A window on the top of the C2700 provides a view of the 6 tubes. The device will cost around 9950 Euro.

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