Hicon Screw&Play-Plug (Images: Sommer Cable)
Hicon Screw&Play-Plug (Images: Sommer Cable)

Screwable Cinch-Plugs

Hicon Screw&Play from Sommer-Cable

The design of the new Cinch connectors follows the example of antenna plugs.

Soldering is not everyone's cup of tea, and it is not particularily easy to solder RCA plugs to the coax cable without an accident either. So as a practical solution, Sommer Cable now offers RCA plugs with screw terminals in the Hicon series. Simply strip the cable, turn the shielding braid backwards, screw the center conductor tight, then screw the black cap onto the connector pressing the claw into the cable sheath to form the strain relief and establish the ground connection. All contact surfaces are gold plated and the center pin is made of solid material. With the enclosed red and white flex rings, the plugs can be color-coded. The strain relief is suitable for cable diameters from 4.0 to 6.8 mm. The manufacturer recommends a wire cross-section of 0.34 to 1.00 mm² – and a non-binding sales price of 19 euros per plug.


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