(Picture: Taga Harmony)
(Picture: Taga Harmony)

Double shielded

Affordable power cable from Poland

From Taga Harmony in Warsaw comes an affordable power cord with double shielding.

Oxygen-free copper with a cross-section of 3x6 mm2 is used as the conductor material, and a double shielding consisting of a copper braid and an aluminum foil, as known from high-quality antenna cables, protects against electromagnetic interference. An inner PVC sheath keeps the two shielding layers at a distance. The outer sheath is also made of PVC, and in the ready-made version a nylon fabric is added to the outside. The Schuko plug and the IEC cold socket have contacts made of rhodium-coated brass. The cable is specified at 16 ampere and is available pre-assabmled in lengths of 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m. Prices start at 99 Euro for a ready-made cable of 1 m length. The cable costs 28 Euro per meter and the set of Plug and socket is 49 Euro.


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