Redline Cinch (Picture: Vertere)
Redline Cinch (Picture: Vertere)

Redline from London

Redline-cable from Vertere

London-based phono specialist Vertere expands its cable range with the "Redline" series.

Its inner conductor consists of 6 silver-plated copper wires with different cross-sections, 2 thin and 4 thick. A seventh, tin-plated and thicker copper wire carries the mass. A foil and a braid ensure optimum shielding. The cables are assembled with Cinch, DIN or XLR plugs and as speaker cables with banana plugs or cable lugs. All plugs have gold-plated contacts. The Redline series also includes tonearm cables, USB cables and mains cables with cold appliance couplers on Schuko plugs. The prices are 700 Euro for an interconnect cable with one meter length or a 3 meter loudspeaker cable pair. Every half meter of additional length costs 160 Euro. The mains cable is available for 720 Euro.

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