RC-1590MKII and RC-1572MKII from Rotel (Image Credit: Rotel)
RC-1590MKII and RC-1572MKII from Rotel (Image Credit: Rotel)

Preamps for Digital, Analog and Phono

MKII Versions of the Rotel-Preamps RC-1590 and RC-1572

According to Rotel, the two new devices contain over 75 important component changes, especially in the design of the circuits as well as in the circuits themselves. Rotel also incorporates various design elements from the larger Michi series.

One of the most important changes is found in the new coupling capacitors in the audio signal path, which are intended to achieve an improved frequency response in the DAC. Aiming to better isolate the DC supplies and reduce noise, the new devices contain improved resistors and capacitors in the DAC power supply and the volume control, as well as in the balanced XLR circuitry, among other places.

Both new preamps offer balanced XLR inputs and outputs, an MM phono input, plus other analog and digital inputs, as well as Bluetooth aptX/AAC. All digital signals are processed by a Texas Instruments 32-bit/384 kHz D/A converter. Additionally, both devices support MQA as well as MQA Studio via the PC USB input and have a "Roon Tested" certification. An RS232 interface is said to allow easy control system integration, while Ethernet is available for software updates. The MKII models also have a subwoofer output and can be controlled via the included remote.

The larger RC-1590MKII employs two toroidal transformers manufactured in-house by Rotel, while the smaller RC-1572MKII only has one. In both cases, these feed SlitFoil low-ESR capacitors, which aim to ensure a stable, low-noise as well as low-distortion supply of power.

Rotel's two new preamplifiers, the RC-1590MKII and RC-1572MKII, are expected to be available from authorized Rotel retailers in July 2021* in the finishes silver and black. The RC-1572MKII is said to come with an MSRP of approximately €1,300*, while the RC-1590MKII will have an MSRP of approximately €1,950*.

*Availability and Prices for Germany.

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The Connections of the Rotel RC-1590MKII
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The Connections of the Rotel RC-1572MKII

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