The Focal Aria K2 Speakers in a Home Theater Setup (Image Credit: Focal)
The Focal Aria K2 Speakers in a Home Theater Setup (Image Credit: Focal)

With "K2 Power" Aramid Fiber Cones

Focal adds Shelf and Center Speakers to Aria K2 Line

Focal's Aria K2 speaker series, a special edition of the Aria 900 series, previously consisted only of the Aria K2 936 floorstanding speaker released last year. Now, the compact K2 902 and a center speaker are added.

All three speakers in the Aria K2 series feature the so-called K2 Power cone in their woofers and mid-bass drivers. In the new version, this aramid fiber cone consists of a very light foam layer sandwiched between an aramid fiber layer and a glass fiber layer. It is said to offer an even further improved balance between weight, strength and damping. The aluminum/magnesium TNF tweeter is added to that, which is said to provide a smoother sound with its Poron suspension.

The Aria K2 speakers come in the "Ash Grey" finish, which is taken from the Utopia series. The floorstanding K2 936 and compact K2 906 speakers can be placed individually, but according to Focal, they should also be perfect for a home theater setup – together with the K2 Center.

The two new speakers in Focal's Aria K2 series are said to be available this September*, priced at about €1500* (Aria K2 906, per pair) and about €800* (Aria Center). The floorstanding speaker Aria K2 936 is already available* at a price of about €4000*.

*Availability and prices for Germany.

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A pair of Aria K2 906 from Focal with and without covers
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The Aria K2 Center from Focal

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