BØRRESEN 05 & Z5 Loudspeakers (Image Credit: BØRRESEN)
BØRRESEN 05 & Z5 Loudspeakers (Image Credit: BØRRESEN)

Criogenically Treated and with Silver Components

Børresen presents special "Cryo" and "Silver Supreme" Editions

The Børresen speakers from the "Z" and "0" series are now also available in a "Cryo Edition", for which all metallic components have been cryogenically treated. The devices of the flagship series "0" are also available in a version in which the copper rings in the motors of the drivers have been replaced by rings completely made of silver.

Børresen Acoustics is introducing new premium speaker models, which will complete the "0" and "Z" series. All speakers in these two series are now available as a "Cryo Edition", which stands for "Cryogenic", the treatment of components with very low temperatures. As the metal cools down during cryogenic treatment, the crystal structure of the metal contracts more and more, which is intended to remove alloying elements from the structure of the metal. These structural changes in all metal components of the loudspeaker are intended to lead to further improvement in conductivity and thus sound quality.

The cryogenic treatment requires a time window of 3 days: within the first 24 hours the metal undergoes a cooling process, during the second 24 hours the metal parts are kept at temperatures around -196°C, before they are gradually returned to room temperature within the next 24 hours.

As an extension of the "0" series, the Silver Supreme series now represents the absolute flagship among Børresen loudspeakers. The copper rings in the patented magnet motor of the drivers were replaced by hand-made silver rings, because silver is supposed to have the highest conductivity of all metals. All speakers in this series have also been cryogenically treated.

Model                                                      Standard Price              Price Cryo-Edition               Price Silver Supreme Edition            
Børresen 01 Standmount Speaker       €29,700           €31,700                    €43,000               
Børresen 02 Floorstanding Speaker€42,200€46,200€68,870
Børresen 03 Floorstanding Speaker€59,500€67,500€99,500
Børresen 05 Floorstanding Speaker€100,000€110,000€166.670
Børresen Z1 Standmount Speaker       €10,000          €12,000                                             
Børresen Z2 Floorstanding Speaker€16,000€20,000 
Børresen Z3 Floorstanding Speaker€23,000€29,000 
Børresen Z5 Floorstanding Speaker€40,000€50,000 



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