Velodyne Vi-Q Subwoofer Family (Image Credit: Velodyne)
Velodyne Vi-Q Subwoofer Family (Image Credit: Velodyne)

Prices ranging between €1600 and €2500

New "VI-Q", "Impact X" and "Deep Waves" Subwoofers from Velodyne

Subwoofer specialist Velodyne presents plenty of new subwoofers in various price and quality ranges, coming from the "VI-Q", "Impact X" and "Deep Waves" series.

The relatively affordable models of the new Deep Waves product line are equipped with 10 and 12 inch drivers made of lightweight paper composite material and passive radiators on the sides. Adjustments to room and set-up conditions are possible via app, and signals are fed to them via RCA jacks or speaker terminals. According to Velodyne, there are 350 or 400 watts, respectively, of Class D amplifier power available.

The VI-Q series features lightweight carbon fiber cones, a 3-inch voice coil and a closed cabinet. A 25-band equalizer can be applied via app. Depending on the intended purpose, several presets can be saved. The subwoofers are available in 10,12 and 15 inch versions. The top model is said to bring a sound pressure level of 120 dB and 650 watts of amplifier power. The cabinet front is supposed to be particularly low-vibration thanks to a 21-layer multiplex board. Connection to the system is realized via RCA, XLR or speaker terminals.

In the Impact X series, there is a 15-inch subwoofer specially designed for home theater, which has DSP control and comes including a remote. There are also two models for in-wall installation, the SC IW-600 X and IW-800 X, which are equipped with 6.5 and 8 inch carbon fiber cones and passive diaphragms. However, the matching external amplifiers are still in the prototype stage according to the manufacturer.

The new subwoofer models of the VI-Q, Impact and Deep Waves series will be available from authorized dealers in February in Germany, with the following MSRPs:

Deep Waves 10 Inch: €1,699

Deep Waves 12 Inch: €1,899

VI-Q 10 Inch: €1,799

VI-Q 12 Inch: €1,999

VI-Q 15 Inch: €2,499

Impact X 15 Inch:  €1,599

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Velodyne Vi-Q Subwoofer Family
Velodyne Impact X Subwoofer Series

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