Velodyne DB-10 (Image Credit: Velodyne)
Velodyne DB-10 (Image Credit: Velodyne)

4 Models between 8 and 15 Inch

New Subwoofer Series „Deep Blue“ from Velodyne

Velodyne Acoustics, a subsidiary of the Audio Reference GmbH from Hamburg, Germany, introduces the all-new Deep Blue (DB) series of subwoofers. Developed by an international team of experts in the U.S. and Germany, the subwoofers feature Velodyne's signature closed cabinet design and are available in four different sizes (8, 10, 12 and 15 inches).

Depth and pressure: The mighty power of the oceans served as a symbolic model and eponymous inspiration for the subwoofers of the Deep Blue series, abbreviated as DB. The up to 2.5 cm thick cabinet walls and 5 cm thick baffles of the new series were additionally and specifically stiffened on the inside to reduce resonances to a minimum. Thanks to the closed cabinet design – a Velodyne specialty – flow noise from reflex ports is supposed to be completely eliminated.

A new, high-performance PP High Excursion driver with a four-layer vented voice coil is also used. The Deep Blue models are powered by Velodyne's tried-and-tested Class D amplifier technology with up to 1,000 watts of peak power (DB-15). Various connection options are available for integration into existing loudspeaker setups, and the integrated variable crossover, line and speaker level inputs plus LFE input for processors give the DBs extreme flexibility. The continuously variable phase adjustment provides for precise timing and fine tuning with the main speakers.

In Germany, the Velodyne Acoustics DB Series will be available from authorized dealers starting in mid-February at the following prices:

DB-8: 790 Euros
DB-10: 990 Euros
DB-12: 1,190 Euros
DB-15: 1,490 Euros

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Velodyne DB-10

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