Improved Successors

Pro-Ject Record cleaning machines "VC-S2 ALU" & "VC-E"

Three years ago Pro-Ject introduced its first record cleaning machine, the VC-S. Now two improved successor models are coming onto the market: the VC-S2 ALU (500 Euro) and the more compact "VC-E" for 400 Euro.

Both models have an aluminum housing, a metal suction arm and a plate clamp that keeps the label dry and fixes the plate. On the large model this clamp is made of aluminum, on the small one of plastic. In addition, the VC-S2 ALU has a 2.5 litre container for the used liquid, the small model has a capacity of only 0.5 litres. However, Pro-Jects cleaning liquid evaporates almost completely in the container, so that it hardly ever has to be emptied. For best cleaning results, Pro-Ject recommends a forward and a reverse rotation.


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