Planar 10 (Picture: Rega)
Planar 10 (Picture: Rega)

Super light turntable

All new Rega Planar 10

Compared to its predecessor RP 10, Rega has developed the new "Planar 10" from scratch – but has of course remained true to its principles.

This includes constructing the chassis as lightly as possible. The Planar 10 consists of a PU foam core embedded on both sides in a high-pressure laminated hard fabric. Its mass has thus been reduced by 30 percent compared to the RP 10. Also new is the precise vertical bearing of the tonearm. The ceramic platter rests on an aluminum sub-platter whose hardened steel axle runs in a special brass socket. It is driven by a low-vibration 24-volt synchronous motor which is fed from an external power supply unit with electronic speed switching and speed fine adjustment. Complete with cover, the Planar 10 costs around 4800 Euro or with the MC pickup Apheta 3 around 6000 Euro. It is expected to be available from December.

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