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Black Edition

Gauder updates "Berlina" series

The new generation of "Berlina" loudspeakers from Gauder Akustik will be called "Black Edition" – differentiated by the black Accuton chassis.

New Flagship

Audioquest: Dragonfly Cobalt

After Dragonfly "Black" and "Red", Audioquest now adds the DAC-Stick "Cobalt" (300 Euro).

New accessories

KEF: stands for the LSX

For the compact LSX wireless loudspeaker, KEF will be offering various stands and mounts from August.

With parallel conductors

Wireworld: untwisted patch cables

We usually know them as "twisted pair": LAN cables in which the eight conductors are twisted together in pairs.


TAD: Reference One the third

Technical Audio Devices Laboratories from Japan presents the new R1TX, the third generation of its loudspeaker flagship.

We've come a long way

40 Years of Walkman

Yesterday 40 years ago, on July 1st 1979, the first "Walkman" saw the light of day. It used a medium called Compact Cassette, which it could only…


USB interfaces with iZotope software

Tascam has two new USB audio interfaces in its program that come with a comprehensive software package.


USB-C-DAC for headphones

Hama launches a tiny USB-C-DAC for smartphones, tablets or notebooks without a headphone jack.


New B-Series

Canton has expanded the "Online exclusive" range to also include a "B"-series.


Jubilee 300B

Octave has apparently built the world's only parallely operating 300B single ended triode amplifier.


Miracord 60

Below the award-winning top turntables, the Germans from ELAC place their new Miracord 60 for just under 1000 euros.


CD player with tubes

From Vincent comes the CD-200 CD player – the matching playing partner to the SV-200 amplifier, both in a 21 cm wide midi case.


Affordable Streamer with DTS Play-Fi

Audiolab now offers the 500-Euro network player 6000N Play. The simple device without a front display is operated exclusively via iOS or Android…


Tube power amplifier with 150 Watt

For their 70th anniversary the legendary American company launches this full-tube stereo power amplifier.

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