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T.H.E. Show 2022

Friday, June 10th to Sunday, June 12th Media & Exhibitor Celebration at T.H.E. Show California

From June 10th through 12th 2022, T.H.E. Show will take place in Southern California, with our partner site sponsoring the event's…

Qobuz available in 6 new countries

Six new Countries

Hi-Res Streaming with Qobuz now also in Latin America and Portugal

The French music streaming platfrom Qobuz is now also available in several countries of the world's fastest-growing market for music streaming – Latin…

T Bone Burnett with his new analog disc medium

T Bone Burnett Presents new Analog Music Medium

"Ionic Original": New Analog Music Medium

T Bone Burnett presented a new Medium for recording audio, which offers features of both CD and vinyl. To mark and promote the new disc, he…

Alan Parsons as brand ambassador of the High End 2022

Following the Trade Show Motto „The Magic of Music“

Alan Parsons coming to High End 2022

As the face and brand ambassador of the High End 2022, Alan Parsons will be present on two days of the audio show – running from May 19-22, 2022 in…

The various Audirvana versions and their features

Cheaper Price for Owners of Older Versions

Audirvana License Available Again

With "Audirvana Studio", the player software "Audirvana" switched to being a subscription sevice last year. Now, the French company (re-)introduces a…

The High End 2022

Return of the leading Hi-Fi Show

It finally returns: High End 2022

After two years of pausing, the High End Audio Show will finally take place again – at the 19th to 22nd of Mai 2022 in the MOC in Munich, Germany.

Various potential use areas of the ElectroAcoustic Panel in a car.

„ElectroAcoustic Panel“

Warwick Acoustics enters "Car Hi-Fi" Market

Up until now, British manufacturer Warwick Acoustics was known for its exclusive electrostatic headphones; using this technology as a basis, Warwick…

Global recorded music revenues

Nearly half a billion users worldwide have premium subscriptions for streaming services

Global Music Industry on the Rise

The revenues for all mediums of recorded music have risen in the last year; even the CD is in greater demand again – especially in Asia.

Flagship Amplifier Cyrus i9-XR

Amps from the "XR"-Line: Pre-XR, i7-XR and i9-XR

Cyrus XR-Amps now "Roon-Tested"

The British manufacturer Cyrus has announced that its amplifiers from the XR series, namely Pre-XR, i7-XR and i9-XR, are now Roon tested.

The Sound of MPS

MPS Records Launches Jazz-Compilation on Qobuz

Qobuz Exclusive: MPS Jazz-Compilation "Welcome to the Black Forest"

The famous German label MPS Records unites a total of 20 selected songs from well-known jazz artists on "Welcome to the Black Forest". The compilation…

Nick Clarke, new Managing Director at Cyrus

Cyrus also Partnering with BluOS

Cyrus: New Managing Director

Nick Clarke has taken over the role of Managing Director at Cyrus Audio. Previously, he was at Harman International, working in the Luxury Audio…

The new Volumio 3 on various Devices

Multiroom, Plugins and new User Interface

Volumio 3: Completely Overhauled New Software Version

The team behind Volumio has significantly revised the popular music control software and also integrated various new features.

Enjoy The Happy Hour at the Florida Audio Expo

Extra Event for Audio Show

Florida Audio Expo featuring Enjoy the Happy Hour

From February 18 to 20, 2022, the Florida Audio Expo will take place in Tampa, Florida. As a Bonus, Enjoy the will be sponsoring and hosting…

Qobuz Duo

Starting at €17.50 per Month

Qobuz Duo: Streaming Subscription for Two

Qobuz is launching a new subscription model called "Qobuz Duo", which allows two people with separate accounts to use one subscription together.

Lennart Asbjørn (l.) and Wilfried Ehrenholz (r.)

New "Sonora", "Sinfonia" and "El Diablo"

Peak Consult Denmark: New Owners, New Speakers

The Danish loudspeaker manufacturer Peak, founded in 1996, now has two new owners: Lennart Asbjørn, also acting as CEO, and Dynaudio co-founder…

A Comparison of the new Tidal Subscription Plans

New Subscription Plans

Tidal Adds Fan-Based Royalties

The lossless subscription from music streaming service Tidal now only costs 10 euros per month – but without MQA. For 20 euros per month, you get…

Qobuz now also on Samsung TV

In 197 Countries All Over the World

Qobuz-App now also Available on Samsung Smart TV

The app of the French streaming service Qobuz was recently also made available on Samsung Smart TVs.

Enjoy The Happy Hour at the Capital Audiofest

Audio Show & Extra Event

Capital Audiofest with Enjoy The Happy Hour

The Capital Audiofest in Rockville, Maryland will take place on November 5th-7th, with Enjoy The sponsoring the event's "Happy Hour" on the…


Improving on aptX Adaptive

Qualcomm Presents Lossless Bluetooth format

Qualcomm's new aptX Lossless format is supposed to enable lossless audio transmission in CD quality with 16-bit 44.1 kHz via Bluetooth.

Apple Music

Extension for Apple Music

Apple Takes Over Classical Music Streaming Service Primephonic

The American company is taking over the streaming service Primephonic, which is specifically designed for classical music; thus, it will no longer be…

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