Burmester designer Stefan Größler is evidently very happy with his new speakers
Burmester designer Stefan Größler is evidently very happy with his new speakers

New Super-Combo

Burmester presents Power Amp 218 and Speakers BC 150

At the High End Audio Show, German manufacturer Burmester presents the new power amplifier "218" together with the also brand-new loudspeakers "BC 150".

The "218" power amplifier joins the "909 MK5" as the second power amplifier in the Reference Line of Burmester. In Germany, it is available at a price of €34,800. At the High End, the amp – as a monoblock – powered the new "BC 150" loudspeakers, which has a pair price of €98,000 in Germany.

Acoustically, the BC 150 is supposed to reference the ultimate speakers BC 350 (which we experienced here some time ago); which for many fans of the brand and the Burmester sound is too high up in terms of price as well as sheer size. A first sonic impression at the trade show implies that the Burmester team around developer Stefan Größler succeeded in their task. As expected, the loudspeaker-amplifier combo performed with a deep and wide stage, extremely calm, brilliant in sound and with an incredibly deep bass.

Regardless of the music played – both in terms of genre and medium (streaming and vinyl) – this combo did not lose its composure even at high levels. The workmanship is highly appropriate and also visually impresses.


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