PI 4 (Image: Bowers & Wilkins)
PI 4 (Image: Bowers & Wilkins)

Sporty and light In-ears

B&W PI 4 with Noise Cancelling

Bowers & Wilkins complete their range of Bluetooth headphones with the noise cancelling In-ears PI 4. They weigh only 40 grams and are water and splash protected: B&W has optimized the new In-ears for sport usage.

To keep them in the ears also while moving, "Ear-Wings" are included in three different sizes. The earplugs themselves are also included in 3 sizes. Thanks to the built-in microphones, the inears can also be used for telephoning, and ambient noises can be cancelled out in 3 stages. There is also a mode that allows acoustic contact to the outside world. When the  PI 4s are removed from the ears, they are held together magnetically and the music stops automatically. Bluetooth signals are received with AAC and aptX, and the battery should last 10 hours. The In-ears are now available for 300 Euro in black, gold or silver.

Ear plugs and "Ear-Wings", are each included in 3 sizes (Image: B&W)
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PI 4 in Gold, controls (Image: B&W)

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