New Canton Vento Series with overhauled design (Image Credit: Canton)
New Canton Vento Series with overhauled design (Image Credit: Canton)

Modified Shape and new Drivers

Canton Updates the Vento Series

The revised Vento series from Canton has been further developed in terms of visuals and technology, now presenting itself with a sharper-edged design, larger interior volume and new drivers for the midrange and woofer, among other things.

The updated shape of the new Vento series allowed for an increase in cabinet volume, which is supposed to provide increased bandwidth and bass precision. Additionally, the base has received a design update and is said to deliver a "floating" look. For the first time in this series, new titanium-graphite drivers with a matte texture are used, while optimized internal stiffeners aim to minimize cabinet resonances. The newly developed connection terminal with fine threads is furthermore intended to ensure permanently stable contact and loss-free transmission of music signals. The new Vento subwoofer also comes with the same curved shape.

The new series is available in the color variants black "high-gloss" and white "high-gloss" at the following prices (all prices for Germany):

Vento 100 floorstanding speaker: around €4,700 (Pair)
Vento 90 floorstanding speaker: around €3,800 (Pair)
Vento 80 floorstanding speaker: around €3,100 (Pair)
Vento 50 center speaker: around €1,100 (Piece)
Vento 30 bookshelf speaker: around €1,400 (Pair)
Vento 20 bookshelf speaker: around €1,200 (Pair)
Vento 10 on-wall speaker: around €1,000 (Pair)
Vento Sub 12 subwoofer: around €1,700 (Piece)
AR-8 Dolby Atmos speaker: around €900 (Pair)

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New Canton Vento 100
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Canton Vento SUB
New on-wall speakers Canton Vento 10

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