The new "Townus" Series from Canton (Image Credit: Canton)
The new "Townus" Series from Canton (Image Credit: Canton)

Replacement for Chrono and Chronos

Cantons new "Townus" Series

Canton is getting hipper – at least as far as the naming of their speakers is concerned: "Townus" is supposed to combine urban lifestyle with the manufacturer's rural origins.

In terms of visuals and technology, however, Canton remains true to its traditional values. The new series consists of a 3-way bass reflex floorstanding speaker for 1300 euros per piece* and a 2-way bass reflex shelf speaker for 550 euros*, to which a center, a subwoofer, a wall-mounted speaker and a Dolby Atmos attachment can be added to form a home theater system. To avoid reflections from the edges, Canton has rounded off the edges of the narrow enclosures generously.

The floorstanding speaker seems to float above its wooden base. A newly designed internal stiffener aims to minimize cabinet resonances. For permanently stable connections, the newly developed connection terminals are equipped with fine threads. The new speakers are positioned directly below the Vento (Read our Review of the Smart Vento 3 here and of the Smart Vento 9 here) series and are equipped with the same drivers as the latter: Midrange driers and woofers with titanium membranes as well as a tweeter dome made of aluminum oxide ceramic.

The cabinet finishes are walnut real wood veneer or lacquer in satin white or high-gloss black, each with black, magnetically adhesive fabric covers.

*Prices and availability for Germany.

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Connection terminal of the Canton Townus 90
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The floorstanding speaker "levitates" over its base
The black fabric cover adhers magnetically

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