Ascendo SV-12 (Image Credit: Ascendo)
Ascendo SV-12 (Image Credit: Ascendo)

Strong Bass Power at an Affordable Price

New Active Subwoofer "SV-12" from Ascendo

Ascendo's new subwoofer model comes with a 12-inch driver, an HDF enclosure as well as a 500-watt amplifier.

At the heart of the SV-12 active subwoofer is a 12-inch composite cone driver with a very stiff sandwich cone, paired with a large rubber surround. Complicated computer modeling and measurement techniques were used extensively in the development process of this active subwoofer. The woofer is housed in an HDF enclosure that features solid internal bracings and dual ports to minimize port turbulence.

The 500-watt RMS amplifier is based on a high-efficiency Class D module. A variable crossover with adjustable phase control is used for easy integration with loudspeakers. For convenience, an automatic on/off function has been added. The subwoofer can be powered either via balanced XLR or RCA connections (LFE/line level inputs).

In Germany, the Ascendo SV-12 is supposed to cost around €990 and already be available in June 2021.


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