T+A Series 200 (Image Credit: T+A)
T+A Series 200 (Image Credit: T+A)

MP 200, DAC 200 and A 200

New Compact Series "200" from T+A

T+A introduces the new compact Series 200, which takes up the design of the HA 200 reference headphone amplifier and consists of the MP 200 multi-source player, the DAC 200 DAC/preamplifier and the A 200 power amplifier.

In fact, the new 200 series reaches far back into the past in terms of its visuals, referring back to the design language of the M system from 1993. The German designers are replacing the defining chrome of the 1990s with timeless matte aluminum in black or silver.

The front of the DAC 200 reflects important details of T+A's first headphone amplifier, the HA 200 (reviewed by us here), thus integrating it into the series. The new MP 200 takes on the role of a classic multi-source player, while the DAC 200 has been designed as a dedicated digital/analog converter and preamplifier. The A 200 power amplifier completes the system. The devices of the 200 series are said to be able to convince both as individual additions to existing setups and as a system of its own.

On the technological side, the Germans use their own, internal Modular High End Architecture (MHA), which contains the ability for the conversion of DSD 1024 and PCM 768 files for the DAC 200 as well as Class A and HV technology for the amplifier sections. The MP 200 allows access to services such as Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz and Roon (in the certification process) as well as control via the T+A MusicNavigator app.

For customers with passive speakers, the A 200 represents the end of the chain with its 250 watts of power per channel, while headphone users can either connect the HA 200 or use the 4.4mm Pentaconn output of the DAC 200.

In Germany, all 200 series devices are available to order now and will begin shipping to authorized retailers in October 2021, at the following prices:

T+A A 200: €3790
T+A MP 200: €4390
T+A DAC 200: €5490
T+A HA 200: €6600

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