T+A Caruso R (Image Credit: T+A)
T+A Caruso R (Image Credit: T+A)

Caruso R, R 10 and S 10

T+A Introduces new Caruso model with external Loudspeakers

With the new Caruso R receiver and the two matching loudspeakers Caruso R 10 and S10, T+A is launching the first models in the Caruso range that are not all-in-one devices with integrated drivers.

International Sales Director Oliver John explains the decision to go with a speakerless system for the newest member of the Caruso family as follows: "The Caruso R closes a gap in our Lifestyle line-up by addressing customers who are looking for a classic stereo system with the added benefits of the modern user interface and connectivity of the Caruso Multi-Source-System."

To accompany the Caruso R, T+A is simultaneously launching one new standmount and one new floorstanding speaker model each. The Caruso R 10 and S 10 are perfectly matched to the Caruso R, both visually and sonically.

In the center of the Caruso, a high-resolution 7-inch display sits, which is designed to enable the intuitive operation of the entire device. Additionally, the Caruso R can be controlled via the Caruso Navigator app for Android and iOS or via the included remote control.

Concerning connections, the Caruso R offers analog as well as digital inputs, FM and DAB tuners as well as Bluetooth and Airplay 2. It can play music via your home network or from Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music HD, Spotify Connect and Qobuz as well as music from a normal CD. If desired, the Caruso R can become the control center of your home via Amazon Alexa. The Alexa functions and microphones can also be switched off at any time to protect privacy.

The new Caruso R, the Caruso R 10 standmount speakers and the S 10 floorstanding speakers are supposed to be available starting around the beginning of April* at a price of around €2,700* for the receiver and €1,150* and €2,250* for the speakers.

*Prices and Availability for Germany.

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