DALI Phantom Speakers (Image Credit: DALI)
DALI Phantom Speakers (Image Credit: DALI)

New Models H-60 R/H-80 R and K-60/K-80

New "Phantom" Install Speakers from DALI

Danish loudspeaker specialist DALI expands its „Phantom“ in- and on-wall speaker range by adding the models H-60 R/H-80 R and K-60/K-80. They are aimed at the use in frames or even for larger hi-fi or home theater as well smart home applications in custom installation projects.

DALI Phantom has been a big name in the field of acoustic interior design for years. Now, the new in-ceiling models Phantom K-60 and K-80 as well as the rectangular loudspeakers H-60 R and H-80 R for in-wall use join the product series. As full-range models, the in-wall/in-ceiling versions are said to be in no way inferior to their classic siblings, but – as expected – they can be used more discreetly.

All new models are equipped with the DALI-typical fabric domes for the tweeter and the reddish shimmering wood and cellulose fiber membranes for the midrange/bass drivers, which have 165 mm membranes in the smaller models and 200 mm in the larger models. The round models for in-ceiling installation stand out with their compact dimensions thanks to the tweeters installed on a cleverly made aerodynamic support arm, while the rectangular in-wall models aim to substitute larger front speakers.

Due to their acoustic performance, they are supposed to be suitable for very high demands and are therefore also interesting for custom installation experts and architects for both private and commercial objects. Prices are stated at around 350/450 euros* for the in-ceiling speakers and around 400/500 euros* for the in-wall models.

*Prices for Germany.

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