Completely wireless home theater speaker system from DALI (Image Credit: DALI)
Completely wireless home theater speaker system from DALI (Image Credit: DALI)

New "Equi" Components

DALI Expands Wireless System

DALI introducing the Callisto C series in fall 2018 was just the slow start into the wireless world. Now, the wireless system is completed and gets a new name: Equi.

For the first time, a completely wireless surround system can now be set up with DALI's wireless technology. To make this possible, DALI is expanding the active Oberon series by adding a wireless center (Vokal C, €700*) and also offers a separate wireless receiver for the subwoofer (Wireless Subwoofer Receiver WSR, €150*). In addition, sound from a TV can now be fed into the Sound Hub via the optionally available HDMI module (€400*).

Finally, wireless technology has now also found its way into DALI's upper class: The Rubicon 8 floorstanding speaker is now available* in an active version with 250-watt Class D power amplifiers for €4000* per piece. Like its passive counterpart, it is equipped with three 17 mm woofers that cover different frequency ranges. The higher frequencies are handled by a fabric dome tweeter together with a ribbon tweeter. The Rubicon 8 C is 1.10 meters high and available in either a high-gloss finish or a real wood veneer*.

The prerequisite for wireless operation of the active speakers is DALI's Sound Hub, which transmits the signals received via cable or Bluetooth to the speakers digitally and wireless in lossless quality with 96 kHz and 24 bits. Via two expansion slots, the Sound Hub can be equipped with a BluOS network module as well as the new HDMI module.

*All prices and availability for Germany.

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DALI Rubicon 8 C, Front and Back with Active Module
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DALI Active Center Oberon Vokal C
DALI HDMI Module for the Sound Hub
DALI Wireless Receiver for Subwoofer

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