Artera Solus Play (Image Credit: Quad)
Artera Solus Play (Image Credit: Quad)

Integrated Amp Learns Streaming

Quad Artera Solus Play with DTS Play-Fi

The compact Quad Artera Solus Play can not only play CDs and music from the PC but it also has access to the home network as well as to streaming services.

Already the Artera Solus by Quad is an all-rounder with a built-in CD drive, integrated pre- and power amplifier and all kinds of analog and digital inputs. Now Quad's "Play" version goes one step further, adding a network module and access to Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Amazon Music and Napster via LAN or WLAN. Thanks to the "Play-Fi" platform from DTS, even multi-room playback is possible. The network features are operated via the DTS streaming app. The Artera Solus Play can access music from DLNA-compatible servers in the home network. Thanks to the ESS-Sabre Chip 9018, it processes PCM files up to 384 kHz clock rate and DSD up to 11.2 MHz via USB. Two line, two optical and one coax S/PDIF input are available for traditional sources, and a Bluetooth receiver with aptX is integrated. According to the data sheet, the only 32 cm wide device provides 2x75 watts into 8 ohms and is priced at 2000 Euro. Available from mid-July.

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