24-Volt AC adapter interior (Image: Rega)
24-Volt AC adapter interior (Image: Rega)

24-Volt AC adapter

Sbooster PSU for Rega & Co.

Upgrade adapter with toroidal transformer feeds stable and low-interference AC voltage.

Turntable manufacturers like to store the power supply unit or the transformer in a plug-in power supply to avoid interference of the mains voltage into the pickup. Sbooster now offers an upgrade adapter which is especially suitable for Rega turntables. This is a pure AC adapter in which a toroidal transformer reduces the mains voltage to 24 Volts. It is electrically and magnetically shielded, and additional electronic circuits stabilise the output voltage, filter out interference signals and protect it against overload, short circuits and overheating. The secondary cable is shielded and braided and is equipped with a universal coupling that can be adapted to the various devices by means of a plug-in adapter. Three adapters of different lengths for Rega turntables are included. The Sbooster power supply unit will go on sale in mid-February for 300 euros.

24-Volt AC adapter (Image: Rega)
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