EC Living Tana SL-2 (Image Credit: Electrocompaniet)
EC Living Tana SL-2 (Image Credit: Electrocompaniet)

Tana SL-2 and L-2

The Electrocompaniet Tana gets an Upgrade

The new and technologically improved active speaker Tana SL-2 seamlessly follows the concept of the first Tana SL-1, but brings more features and an optimized performance.

The second generation of the Tana features a new tweeter and side-mounted passive bass radiators instead of the Reflex design of the predecessor, as well as an improved touch panel, shortened signal pathing, a revised signal processor, better antennas and a hidden connection panel that should allow placement directly on the wall. In terms of connectivity, the Tana's built-in streamer will also allow Roon Ready, Tidal Connect and Airplay2 in the future. Visually, new interchangeable fabric covers and deco strips are featured.

The second generation of the add-on loudspeaker "Tana L-2" has of course also been technically revised.

The active speakers are powered by a 150-watt amplifier module in Class A/B circuitry.

In Germany, the Tana SL-2 and L-2 speakers are available from March onwards at prices of around €1,700 for the SL-2 and around €1,500 for the L-2 add-on speaker.


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