Q Active 200 (Image Credit: Q Acoustics)
Q Active 200 (Image Credit: Q Acoustics)

Chromecast or Alexa

Wireless Active Speakers Q Active 200 and 400

The newly developed wireless active system from Q Acoustics goes by the name of "Q Active" and supports various streaming services as well as voice control and even has a switchable phono input.

The Q Active is to be available in two different versions, first the compact loudspeaker with matching "Tensegrity" stand "Q Active 200" and later also as the floorstanding loudspeaker "Q Active 400".

The system includes a hub which will also be available in two versions, either with integrated Alexa voice control or Chromecast Built-In. Both versions are also compatible with Bluetooth 4.1, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, UPnP, Roon and voice control with Apple Siri. It accepts physical sources in the form of HDMI, Digital-Optical, and RCA. The analog input can be switched from line to phono. In addition, a USB C input for power supply, a LAN input and a subwoofer output are located on the back of the hub.

The hub converts all incoming audio information into high-resolution digital data in 24-bit/96 kHz format, which it then transmits wirelessly to the speakers. A series of controls on the front panel allow for control directly at the device. In addition to the remote control and the various apps, the volume can also be changed directly at each speaker.

As usual with modern active speakers, Q Active uses its own power amplifier with at least 280 watts of pulse power for each driver. Two front facing and 58 mm large "Balanced Mode Radiators" (BMR) are designed to provide excellent sound quality throughout the entire room instead of being limited to the sweet spot. The Q Active 200 has a 114 mm rear-facing woofer, while the Q Active 400 has two such woofers. These woofers radiate onto a "Wave Guide" installed opposite the membrane, which allows sound to exit to the side, supposedly ensuring perfectly controlled bass response at all times, regardless of speaker placement. Using small switches on the back of the speakers, they can also be adjusted to suit the placement.

The Q Active 200 Googlechrome version is already available* and costs about 2,000 Euros* including hub, remote control and speakers. The matching feet cost an extra 460 Euros*.

The Alexa version of the hub and the Q Active 400 will be available in early 2021.

*Availability and Prices for Germany

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