Q Acoustics Concept 50 and 90 as Home Theater System (Image Credit: Q Acoustics)
Q Acoustics Concept 50 and 90 as Home Theater System (Image Credit: Q Acoustics)

New Models, New Technologies

Q Acoustics Expands the Concept Series

The new models feature newly developed woofers and tweeters with higher power handling and improved decoupling against vibrations.

The British manufacturer is expanding the "Concept" series by adding three new speaker models to it: the Concept 30 compact speaker costs 1200 euros per pair*, the Concept 50 floorstanding speaker 2600 euros per pair* and the Concept 90 center 850 euros per piece*. To increase the power handling, Q Acoustics has equipped the 13-cm bass-midrange driver with a larger voice coil, which now has a diameter of 30.5 mm. The dome tweeter has been hermetically sealed and floatingly attached to the 3 mm thick aluminum baffle.

The crossover has also been further decoupled from the cabinet, with the aim of minimizing microphonic effects. The double-walled enclosures with gel filling in the gap, which is supposed to absorb resonances, have remained. Also adopted from the top models are the internal point-to-point bracings (except for the center) and the spring-loaded base plate.

The speakers are available in three finishes: black, silver and white*. Q Acoustics offers a complete home theater set for 5550 euros*, consisting of two Concept 50 for the front channels, two Concept 30 for the surround channels, the Concept 90 center and the Q B12 active subwoofer*. The trademark stands for the Concept 30 cost 460 euros per pair*.

*Prices, offer and availability for Germany.

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Q Acoustics Concept 50
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Q Acoustics Concept 30
The Concept 30 on their stands
Q Acoustics Center Concept 90
Concept 50 Bi-Wiring Terminals
Decoupled crossover, Mid-/Bass-Driver with bigger voice coil

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