Accuphase C-47 (Image Credit: Accuphase)
Accuphase C-47 (Image Credit: Accuphase)

Low Distortion, high Precision

Accuphase C-47: Balanced Phono Preamp

The C-47 is Accuphase's first phono preamplifier with fully balanced signal transmission from input to output.

The C-47 is not only supposed to be extremely resistant to external interference components, but also offers a head amp optimized for MC and MM. The two-stage circuitry and the high-precision equalizer amp with excellent RIAA characteristic should ensure accurate equalization with minimum noise. The new XLR input for MC cartridges allows balanced connection from the turntable.

For the first time in this series, the C-47 uses a fully balanced circuit design that should reliably eliminate external interferences. In addition to balanced signal processing, the preamplifier provides balanced amplification, meaning it only amplifies the difference between the two signal inputs. The symmetrical signal transmission is maintained after the preamplifier and the equalizer stage is also symmetrically designed so that the signal indeed remains symmetrical from input to output.

For best possible channel separation, the preamplifier and equalizer stage are located on two channel-separated boards and toroidal transformers, filter capacitors as well as control circuits of the power supply are also implemented separately for each channel.

For current smoothing, four 25 V / 15,000 μF aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which were specially selected for their tonal characteristics, are used for each channel. This generous design is intended to eliminate most undesirable effects, such as those caused by ripple currents.

In addition to the balanced MC input, the C-47 offers three unbalanced phono inputs in RCA. Outputs are available in both RCA and XLR.

The C-47 is now available in stores. Prices can be requested from your authorized Accuphase dealer.

Accuphase C-47
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Accuphase C-47
Accuphase C-47 Internal Layout

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