Gold Note P-1000 (Image Credit: Gold Note)
Gold Note P-1000 (Image Credit: Gold Note)

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Gold Note Preamp and DAC/Streamer Update

The high end manufacturer Gold Note from Florence has redesigned the P-1000 preamplifier and the DAC/Streamer DS-10 and offers an optional power supply unit.

The preamplifier's components have been completely redesigned, and it now offers 8 independent stereo inputs and 4 outputs. In addition, the new housing has been adapted to the appearance of the other products of the 1000 series. The new version is available now for 6500 Euro. Gold Note has given the DAC/Streamer DS-10 an additional analog line input in the form of a mini jack to which, for example, a phono preamplifier can be connected. So the DS-10 Plus now serves as a full-fledged preamplifier for friends of analog sources as well. Gold Note also offers an optional external power supply for the DS-10 "classic" and "Plus" models, which delivers the power via an 8-pin DIN plug. It is called "PSU-10 EVO" (for "Evolution") and will be available from June for 950 Euro. The DS-10 Plus is also expected to be available in June for 2890 Euro.

Gold Note DS-10 Plus
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DS-10 Plus in black
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