Wand EQ next to TT14-4 (Image Credit: Wand)
Wand EQ next to TT14-4 (Image Credit: Wand)

Phono Pre in Birch Wood

New Phono Stage "Wand EQ"

The Wand EQ is available as either a standalone device or integrated into the TT14-4 turntable.

From New Zealand comes a new phono preamplifier for magnetic and dynamic cartridges. The Wand EQ is enclosed by a cabinet milled from solid birch plywood and it uses ultra low-noise J-FETs in the input stage. The input resistance can be switched between 82, 100 and 475 Ohm for MC and 47 kOhm for MM systems. An input capacitance of 220 pF can be added if necessary. As a standalone unit with its own power supply, the Wand EQ costs 1285 Euro. It is also available for 1000 Euro as an integrated component of the TT14-4 turntable and is then fed by the turntable's power supply unit.

Wand-EQ Connections
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