Qobuz Duo (Image Credit: Qobuz)
Qobuz Duo (Image Credit: Qobuz)

Starting at €17.50 per Month

Qobuz Duo: Streaming Subscription for Two

Qobuz is launching a new subscription model called "Qobuz Duo", which allows two people with separate accounts to use one subscription together.

In the new Duo subscription plan, two Qobuz accounts share a subscription, divided into an owner and a member account, with the owner being responsible for the payment. Apart from that, both accounts are completely independent from each other and can stream music separately, even at the same time and on multiple devices. The prerequisite is that both people must live in the same place. When switching from an existing account to Qobuz Duo, all playlists and favorites are said to also be transferred to the new subscription.

There are two different models to choose from for Qobuz Duo, both modified versions of the already available "Studio Premier" subscription: the annual subscription costs €210* per year (i.e. €17.50* per month); the monthly subscription €19.99 per month*. Both plans include studio-quality music streaming (FLAC 24-bit, up to 192 kHz), as well as access to Qobuz editorial articles and other benefits.

*Availability and prices for Germany.


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