The Tidal app (Screenshots: STEREO)
The Tidal app (Screenshots: STEREO)

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Tidal integrates 360 Reality Audio

Anyone who is subscribed to Tidal HiFi and has recently opened the settings menu in the latest version of the smartphone app might have already discovered the new option "360 Reality Audio".

On the "Discover"-page you will now find a list of all the albums offered in Sony's new format – for example including classics by Miles Davis and Dave Brubeck. Tidal has fully integrated the new format into the app, and you can seamlessly switch from "360" to "HiFi" to compare the two. In fact, when "360 Reality Audio" is activated, the recordings sound much more relaxed using headphones, the localisaton seems to be slightly shifted outside the head, and the mixes seem to be somewhat more reserved. Currently, the albums come predominantly from Sony Music and its associated labels. Universal Music and Warner Music have agreed to support the format, but are apparently still waiting. 360 Reality Audio is currently not available in Tidal's desktop app.

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