Karousel bearing with sub-platter (Images: Linn)
Karousel bearing with sub-platter (Images: Linn)

Turntable Upgrade

Linn Karousel: new bearing for LP 12

"Finer movement, greater stability, longer life" – for almost 900 euros.

Linn offers a bearing upgrade for the Sondek LP 12; it the first in 27 years. According to Lin, scientific progress and improved machining capabilities have led to the development of the new bearing. Lower bearing clearance and reduced friction are supposed to extend the life of the bearing and guarantee an even smoother rotation. The new fastening with a locknut increases the stability and at the same time simplifies the replacement of the bearing. The new "Karousel" bearing is still a single-point bearing, and it can be installed in every LP 12 ever produced. The conversion kit consists of the bearing, the sub-plate and the required mounting material. It can be ordered at your Linn dealer from 23 March, who also takes care of the conversion – the labour costs are included in the price of almost 900 Euro. From this date on, the LP12 will be delivered with the Karousel bearing as standard instead of the previous "Cirkus" bearing. Also new at Linn are two personalization options for the LP12: for just under 400 Euro it can be delivered in any color of your choice, and for another just under 400 Euro an individual monogram consisting of up to 4 letters can be engraved.

New "Karousel"-bearing with its locknut
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