The Linn Klimax DSM (Image Credit: Linn)
The Linn Klimax DSM (Image Credit: Linn)

With New DAC Developed In-House

Linn Unveils Ultimate Streamer/DAC "Klimax DSM"

Linn's new Klimax DSM will now be the new flagship of the Scottish company. In it, the new "Organik" DAC, developed entirely by Linn themselves, will also be used for the first time.

The new Organik digital-to-analog converter is the heart of the Klimax DSM and was designed and built entirely by Linn. The Organik is said to produce significantly less noise and distortion, and according to Linn, boasts better measurement results than anything they have achieved before.

The FPGA processing stage uses specially designed algorithms that are said to provide increased upsampling, more precise volume control, and distortion-free modulation. The discrete conversion stage aims to reproduce the analog signal with extremely low distortion values thanks to a new ultra-low jitter oscillator and a carefully designed clock distribution network. The double-sided design helps reduce signal paths to an absolute minimum.

Another new part comes in the form of the enclosure, made from solid special aluminum, which is said to offer exceptionally tight tolerances thanks to Linn's improved in-house manufacturing technology. The weight of the Klimax DSM, together with the internal damping, is said to effectively isolate it from room vibrations. Precision-cut pockets and partitions isolate the analog, digital, and power stages from each other, which aims to prevent internal interferences in the electronics.

Klimax DSM supports audio signals up to a resolution of 24-bit/384khz and DSD256. All streaming and connected digital, analog and wireless sound sources benefit from the new Organik DAC. Analog sources run through a completely new, higher-performance, lower-distortion analog-to-digital converter that has its own board with dedicated power supply, while "Exakt Link ports" allow direct connection of an LP12 with Urika II. A computer can be connected directly to the DAC thanks to a USB input, while other sources can also be connected via WIFi or Bluetooth.

The Linn Klimax DSM is available in the variants "Audio" and "AV". The AV version adds HDMI inputs, as well as an HDMI output, and uses the Organik DAC to enhance the performance of all connected AV sources. It also offers eARC for smart TV support. Additionally, Linn is also introducing the new Klimax System Hub, which is supposed to fill the role of streamer in a complete Linn setup, and thus offers no analog outputs, only "Exakt Link ports".

Starting now, all new Klimax 350 speakers and Klimax Exaktboxes will include the new Organik DAC, making them the perfect partners for the System Hub.

Both the "Audio" and "AV" versions of the new Klimax DSM are available now from Linn dealers at a price of €30,000 (excl. taxes), with the Linn System Hub priced at €15,000 (excl. taxes). The Klimax 350 with Organik DAC is available for €57,500, older models can be upgraded with the Organik DAC at a price of €10,800. The same applies to the Klimax Exaktbox (€15,000), which can also be optionally upgraded with an Organik DAC (€5,400).

Upper Board of the Linn Klimax DSM with DAC and ADC
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Connections of the Linn Klimax DSM in the "Audio" Version
Connections of the Linn Klimax DSM in the "AV" Version
Connections of the Linn Klimax as "System Hub"

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